Venue & Dojo

The Dojo is the area of sports and relaxation, with courses of Taekwondo and self defense.
We can also rent you this space for an event, birthdays, weddings...

At Kenaki Lodge, we're proud to offer you group or individual lessons of tae-kwon-do and self defense.

Tae-kwon-do is a sport training discipline bond to competition. Learning time is indefinite. Self defense courses last 3 months and are calling for self defense.

Prices for individual and group lessons:

  • Tae-Kwon-Do ( 4 years and up ) $ 6.00 USD / lesson $ 20.00 USD / month (8 lessons)
  • Self defense ( 13 years and up ) $ 10.00 USD / lesson $ 40.00 USD / month (8 lessons)


Spirit of Tae-kwon-do

Tae-Kwon-Do is a Korean martial art focusing on fitness and cardiovascular. Its spirit to follow is based on honor, courtesy, modesty, self-control, patience and courage. With an honor code to follow that is obedience, respect for father and mother, loyalty to the motherland and integrity with friends.

That was the vision of creator south, Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Furthermore, the use of protection during training allows the competitor to have an intense fight as it is a purely martial art.

To practice you just have to want it. The effort is temporary, victory is forever. With kindness and love, comes life.


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